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Reach of 10K+ users in Japan and around the world


Approx. 20K users in Japan and around the world

Metaverse Theatre

Create a new content
limited to NFT owners

Buzz on Japanese Twitter

Received over 500 RTs for our NFT lottery campaign

Through our Otaku Coin media, we can help increase awareness and sales of your NFTs!


Are you facing difficulties when selling NFTs?

Let us share our findings as
the pioneer of NFT
proof-of-concept experiments!

Proof-of-concept Experiments

Tohoku Zunko and Friends Special Limited Edition NFT

Sale and distribution of the world's first access to bonus footage on Metaverse Theatre limited to NFT owners

In April 2021, through the NFT marketplace ‘Rarible’ we sold 100 different types of character-based data that includes a unique serial number. In addition, we opened the 'Metaverse Theatre @ Tohoku Zunko' limited to NFT owners in collaboration with the virtual space service provider 'Conata'. In the theatre, we introduced a system that allowed viewers to access the bonus footage 'Tohoku Zunko World'.
In this proof-of-concept experiment, we attempted to add further value than just digital ownership to NFTs by providing the owners with a unique and special experience.

100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins

Part 1 and 2 Sales Sold Out Immediately100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins NFT

In March 2021, through the NFT marketplace ‘Rarible’ we sold '100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins' of 100 types of color variations and unique serial numbers.
Each coin owner received digital ownership of their coin and the rights to publish on social media and create derivative works (assuming they are within the limits of general public order and morality).

Development of Unique Contract with ERC721

We have developed a one-of-a-kind NFT with 100 color variations each for the 2 proof-of-concept experiments mentioned above. When creating the NFTs, we adopted ERC721 (batch mint) and a unique contract format for the NFTs. As a result, we were able to reduce the number of transactions and the cost of the production of an NFT. In addition, we utilized Rarible for the platform’s social media compatibility for first sales and OpenSea for collecting royalties. This allowed our NFTs to include a permanent 5% royalty return for all transactions of secondary distribution on OpenSea.

Cost of Experiment Project 1:

'100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins'

Creating Unique Contract :
approx. 80,000 JPY

NFT Batch Mint (100 Kinds) :
approx. 200,000 JPY

Cost of Experiment Project 2:

'Tohoku Zunko and Friends Special Limited Edition NFT'

Creating Unique Contract:
approx. 100,000 JPY

NFT Batch Mint (100 Kinds) :
approx. 250,000 JPY

* The prices for Ethereum above are calculated at the time of the experiment and may fluctuate.

Unique Support from
the Otaku Coin Association

Sales Promotion Program Designed for NFT Sellers

NFT Sales Promotion Package 2021 Powered by Otaku Coin

Using our experience gained from the '100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins' campaign we have identified that holding a follow & RT campaign on a Twitter account can be an effective measure for raising awareness and sales promotion of planned NFTs.

With the sale of 'Tohoku Zunko and Friends Special Limited Edition NFTs', we received approximately 600 RTs and gained 300 new followers within about 4 days. This reception was mainly from Twitter users with an interest in content such as anime, manga, video games, and Vtubers

Collaboration with Virtual Space Service Provider 'Conata'

Special Access to Bonus Footage
Limited to NFT Owners

We provide the system that allows NFT owners to have limited access to special bonus footage that can only be viewed on the Metaverse theatre. The theatre is based on the Japanese virtual space service 'Conata' run by BeyondConcept Inc.

This system will allow NFT owners to add special offers such as a ticket for an advance screening, access to a side story or a sequel, an interview of a director/voice actor, a backstage documentary, and a music event/live streaming when selling digital data of anime, manga, a video game, and VTuber as NFTs.


Over 20K Users Around the World

Utilize the Otaku Coin Official App to Promote Your NFT

The "Otaku Coin' is a community currency designed for subculture fans who love anime, manga, and video games. Utilizing our 'Otaku Coin' Official App opens up the opportunity to make announcements and promotions for your NFT sales.

Our app also allows a present campaign where users can apply using their Otaku Coins.

Extensive Experience in sharing Content to Fans Around the World

Translation Targeted to Japanese Users

We can help you with translations which is an essential factor when selling NFTs to users in Japan. With domestic sales within Japan, you may face issues when supporting Japanese users. We can provide bilingual Japanese and English support to help you release your NFT without any issues.

Partner Companies

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What Can Be Sold as an NFT?


Ownership of Illustrations/

Original Works


Ownership of

Trading Cards


Ownership of Music/


Video Games

Ownership of Items

in Video Games


Ownership of Live Event

and Concert Tickets


Ownership of

News Articles

In addition, you can enhance the value of your NFT even more by adding a special offer.

Service Details

Our support is based on the experience and knowledge gained from being the pioneers in utilizing NFTs

Planning and Development

We will help you identify how, where, and what to sell, and what rights/permission to include.

NFT Creation

We will suggest the best format for your situation and help you create NFTs at the lowest cost possible.


We will fully support the sale of your NFTs throughout the whole process from the preparation, creating sale phases, and after-sales support.

Accounting Support

With the cooperation of CryptoGames Inc., we can also support you with tracking and managing the accounting side when using the Ethereum marketplace.

Sales Promotion

We will help extend awareness and sales promotion of your NFT by utilizing Otaku Coin Official App and social media accounts.


Reach of 10K+ usersin Japan and around
the world


Approx. 20K users in Japan and around
the world

Metaverse Theatre

Special Access to aBonus
limited to NFT owners

Buzz on Japanese Twitter

Received over 500 RTs for our NFT
lottery campaign


Projected1,000-3,000views per post

Press Release

Projected1,000-3,000views per release

In addition to the above, selling NFTs via CryptoGames includes the chance to be featured on OpenSea and verified on Rarible. (*Please note this is not to guarantee)

Sales Channel Growth

In collaboration with Crypto Games Inc., we now offer new methods of selling and maximizing the potential of NFTs.

Sell NFTs through the NFTStudio

Sell NFTs through the NFTStudio

NFTStudio, a strictly screened NFT platform, allows you to use credit card payments to sell NFTs. In addition, special categories can be created.

Sell NFTs as In-Game Items

Sell NFTs as In-Game Items

In collaboration with the NFT game, 'Crypto Spells', you can sell NFTs as an in-game item.

AirDrop Project on Polygon

AirDrop Project on Polygon

NFTs created on Polygon can be distributed for free via AirDrop. You can distribute more than 5,000 items at once, increasing the potential for growth in sales channels and value.

The cost will depend on each NFT project and also the type of blockchain used, so contact us for further details.

We have prepared and publicly shared a list of required tasks before selling NFTs.

Please feel free to copy and use the template task list we created when running our previous projects. The list includes tasks required when cooperating with multiple companies, creating over 100 kinds of NFTs, sales promotion using social media and holding a lottery, and adding special offers using platforms such as Metaverse.

Download the Spreadsheet(JPN)

Frequently Asked Questions

QuestionHow much does it cost to sell NFTs?

Throughout the NFT creation process for the 2 proof-of-concept experiments in which we used Ethereum, it has cost approximately 300,000 JPY. In addition, costs for the development and management of a unique contract and sales promotion need to be considered as well. Also, in the case of utilizing our support, management and planning costs will also be required. Please contact us for further details.

QuestionCan NFT digital data be copied?

Yes, digital data can be copied. However, this factor is the same when considering the relationship between an elaborate art replica and the original artwork. Even if the digital data is duplicated, the electronic signature included in the NFT prevents tampering and is the reason why it holds the value of the digital data

QuestionWhat is royalty return?

The selling of products up until now has only provided royalties to the creator at first sales/distribution. However, by utilizing NFTs, the creator is now able to receive royalties from the second distribution and further on. NFT gives digital data the same value as an asset and enables the resale of the data, which creates a scheme that even original creators can encourage the buying and selling on the secondary distribution market through marketplaces.

QuestionAre there a way to provide support for NFTs purchasing to current fans?

NFT is a technology that is still in the development stages and needs time to improve. There are not many users with high levels of technology literacy, who already own Wallet and Ethereum, and have a good command of NFTs and cryptocurrency as well. Considering this, we have made a video that explains how to use Wallet, how to buy cryptocurrency, and how to use NFT sale sites. This video can be used freely by creators and companies interested in selling NFTs as a manual for first-time NFT buyers (feel free to use the external embed tags on your websites). However, please beware that we can not take responsibility for any losses or damages incurred by users throughout buying the NFTs.

QuestionIs it possible to sell NFTs to overseas users?

If you use a global marketplace, it is possible to start domestic and overseas sales at the same time. However, we have to consider that NFTs have received critical reception in some areas of the world due to environmental and energy consumption opinions.

QuestionIs there any legal/regulatory issues with NFTs?

As of July 2021, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) has deemed that if the NFT doesn’t hold functions or the purpose of payment it is not classed as a cryptocurrency, and the company/association does not need to register for a cryptocurrency exchange license. However, please note that regulations may be introduced in the future.

About the Otaku Coin Association

The Otaku Coin Association began its mission in December 2017 to help the expansion of Japanese anime culture to the world by supporting the introduction and utilization of blockchain technology to the anime industry.

Also, to further help spread the awareness of anime to the world the association started projects that included the localization of various anime media and interviews of anime studios. The association plans and conducts interviews with anime studios that are gaining attention from the world to help showcase their works by presenting their enthusiasm for production and inner workings. Anime production studios really get the spotlight, so through these interviews, the association promotes studio interviews through global anime news media such as the anime information site ‘Anime!Anime!’, ‘Tokyo Otaku Mode’ with more than 20 million Facebook followers, and the Chinese major media ‘Bahamut’.

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