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For each anime studio you support, you will receive
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Posters that have been delivered to anime studios:

The support message you send will be made into a poster and sent to the anime studio in Japan!

A collaboration project between anime sites around the world and the Otaku Coin Committee

Akibatan 巴哈姆特 Honey's Anime Jurnal Otaku INDONESIA SUMIKAI アニメ!アニメ! Tokyo Otaku Mode

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With everyone’s votes,
dream projects can be realized!

The fans’ voting platform - SPIRIT VOTE-


If you have Otaku Coins, you can vote!

Support projects that get the most votes with Otaku Coins!
A brand new kind of series may be created.

*SPIRIT VOTE is currently under consideration. For more details, please read the roadmap.

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Otaku Coin’s Future Roadmap

The Future for Community Cryptocurrency Otaku Coin


Initial press release


15,000+ email subscribers
10+ planning partners
10+ planning advisors


Otaku Coin Concept Presentation in Akihabara

Otaku Coin Concept Presentation in Akihabara
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